Born in 10/28/1977 at Tokyo, JAPAN
2004 ~ 2009 Studied with the technical successor of Washi at Ogawa-Town, Saitama
(The technical holder of the Ogawa Japanese paper)
2001 ~ 2005 Graduated of Tokyo Zokei University,/Modeling Faculty/ Fine-arts Subject of study /
Pictures Section/ Printmaking Course. ( Dachelor`s of Degree of design and fine arts)

Solo Exhibitions
2017 [ TBA ] Takizawa Tetsuya Solo Exhibition[Nishiaizu international art Village]
2016 Takizawa Tetsuya Solo Exhibition[S・Y・P Art Space ・ Tokyo JAPAN )                                     2016 Takizawa Tetsuya Solo Exhibition[Vilnius Academy of Arts Gallery , Malūnų 5・LITHUANIA)
2015 Takizawa Tetsuya Solo Exhibition[Kunugi gallery Tokyo JAPAN]
2014 Takizawa Tetsuya Solo Exhibition[ART・PLATFORM、Tokyo JAPAN]
2013 GANGA・PAPER[Banaras Hindu University Art Gallery, INDIA]
2010 The 20th anniversary ,Saitama craft Hall,[ Ogawa town JAPAN]
2005 Takizawa Tetsuya Exhibition [Junko Museum of Art ,Iwate JAPAN]
2004 Takizawa Tetsuya Exhibition [ Sora Gallery Yamagata JAPAN]
2003 Takizawa Tetsuya Exhibition [A snowy village center ,Yamagata JAPAN]
Group Exhibitions
2016 Surajikund international clafts Mela[INDIA]
2015 The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition [Kawagoe-city Saitama JAPAN]
2014 Aomori Print Triennale 2014 (Sponsored Works) [ Aomori JAPAN]
2014 Exhibition of Messages from Young Artists 2014[Gallery SUDOH,,Odawara JAPAN]
2014 GANGA-JAL [Water of the Gages][women` s art symposium] cooperating artist [Ram Chhatpar Ship Nyas, INDIA]
2014 Varanasi Art fair [Ram Chhatpar Ship Nyas、Varanasi, INDIA]
2013 At the scene of work:Burn the rice hulls in a field and Contemporary art[Saitama JAPAN]
2012 Social art・Ulusu spring [Plaza Gallery,,Tokyo JAPAN]
2011 2011・3・11 ~ ,[Junko Museum of Art ,,Iwate JAPAN]
2011 Ogawa - city contemporary art walk ,[,Saitama JAPAN]
2011 Exhibition ,2011 International Paperart Exhibition And Symposium [ TAIWAN ]
2010 In the Shimozato - Branch school , [Saitama JAPAN]
2008 The Ogawa Japanese paper culture introduction project in Argentina[ARGENTINA]
2008 Harvest HARA Takeshi and 161 persons’ work [Tokyo Zokei University JAPAN]
2006 2006 Art @ Tsuchizawa,[Towa- Town historical museum etc , Iwate JAPAN]
2005 The NAU 21st century fine-arts alliance exhibition 2005 [Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum ]
2004 The 29th university print [Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo JAPAN]
2004 A to Art so No [Fuchu-City Gallery, Tokyo JAPAN]
2004 Previous Hosobuchi-building [Tokyo JAPAN]
2003 Art Festival of the Circumstance, [Yamagata JAPAN]
2002 The 7the Mogami Art Festival of the circumstance [Yamagata JAPAN]
2002 Hart to Art[Tokyo JAPAN]
2001 The 6th Mogami Art festival of the circumstance [Yamagata JAPAN]
Exhibition organize
2015 Hanno Paper[Agano-Syuku 、Saitama JAPAN]
2010 20th anniversary ,Saitama craft Hall,[Ogawa-town ,Saitama, JAPAN]
2006 White paper [Ogawa-Town Japanese paper on-site training center ]
Support ・ prize
2003 JAPAN ARTS FUND   Activities about the creation and spread of arts
Artist book
2014 GANGA・PAPER, TAKIZAWA Tetsuya works ,at Ram Chhatpar Ship Nyas ,2013
2013 SOCIAL ART Vol3
2010 The Ogawa Japanese paper exhibition (Ed.50) The handmade book of an old form of Japan
Artist in residence
2016  NIDEA ART CLONY ( LITHUANIA )                                                                         2016  Artist in Residency in Norland ( NORWAY )                                                             2016  IZU[JAPAN]
2016  Nishiaizu Fukushima[JAPAN]
2015, Nishiaizu Fukushima[JAPAN]
2014 Aomori Print Triennale 2014 (Sponsored Works) [ Aomori JAPAN]
2013 Artist in residence program[Ram Chhatpar Ship Nyas、INDIA]
2006 Artist in residence [Kitakami-city, ,Iwate]
2003 9 ~ 10 Art Festival of the Circumstance, [Yamagata JAPAN]