2018発酵絵画 Fermented painting

2018発酵絵画 Fermented painting

2018発酵絵画 Fermented painting


Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company is the founder · Mosuke Takahashi starts brewing in the era of great regime of Keio three years (1867). Tradition has been handed over to the seventh generation, and this year marks the 15th year. However, no documents were found at the time of foundation. We understand the era background, history and climate, and regain time at founding by using soybean, rice, koji molds which are raw materials of miso soy sauce. Emperor Meiji visited Iwasaki and was functioning as the prefectural office’s residence because the living culture became rich by modifying the town administration of Takahashi Shichinosuke, the headquarters, especially land premises in Akita prefecture earliest, I will lay the foundation. That achievement has been told today that our company’s fourth generation left it on a stone monument. I took this bold reform and the actions that passed the generations that convey it to future generations as art and asked Mr. Takizawa of the artist to make it as a residence and reached this exhibition. I think that you can feel the installation which reworked silk screen which printed seed koji mold or rewritings of the sixth generation of calligraphers in Minagasegawa.

Mr. Takizawa heard the history of the Iwasaki region and the Takahashi family from the seventh generation of the family and started production from the point of imaging the Noehime legend which is the origin of the water of this place and the microscopic universe under the water of Tamago well . As a result, I devised a method to make spores of Aspergillus oryzae as a paint and to float on a milky white rice flour panel with a silk screen. This makes it possible to use the image of the yellow Aspergillus oryzae used in the warehouse with a microscope to make it a work and the work of the town government of Shichinosuke Takahashi, especially the photograph of the cultivated landscape and the picture of Iwasaki which is the early childhood emerging paintings We are exhibiting works. Also, since the sixth generation of the family is a calligrapher and the gallery was also the production and the classroom of the area, dissolve the paper in the writings, soaked paper in the Minasegawa, paste it into the floor of the gallery I am keeping it in memory as an installation work. I think if it can become a trigger to be conscious of the town-municipality of Shichinosuke which brought about modernization as the legacy of the land, which is indispensable for Miso soy sauce that flourished as an Iwasaki industry long ago.

“Industry Loves Art” ” Hoping for a new relationship between industries and art from here.

Yasushi Takahashi Seventh Generation YAMAMO / TAKAMO & Corp.
Tetsuya Takizawa Artist



“Industry Loves Art” 「産業は芸術に恋をする」。ここから産業と美術の新しい関係が生まれることを期待して。

ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 七代目 高橋泰
アーティスト 滝澤徹也







明治39年(1906)の耕地整理時の画像を黄麹胞子で浮かび上がらせる明治39年(1906)耕地整理写真(昭和15年発行 秋田縣岩崎町郷土誌 高橋七之助著より引用